Information regarding the waste system in Ludvika

The waste system has now been introduced in Ludvika. Those who own a villa or a holiday house are now sorting out their food waste from the residual waste. A larger part of the households are also offered the possibility to get their own sorting vessels by their property.

The next group that will start to sort out their food waste are those living in apartments owned by LudvikaHem. Thereafter we will continue with housing societies, private real estate companies and businesses.

Your waste is not trash!

Did you know that about two thirds of the content in a regular garbage bag could have been recycled instead of sent to combustion? With the new waste system, the content will decrease when food waste and more packaging materials are sorted out.

Handling the waste is an environmental effort that begins at home. You sort your waste based on the material it consists of and make sure it is put in the right place. We on our side, then handle the waste and recycle it in the best possible way. Your food waste becomes biogas and bio fertilizer. Your old packaging is recycled into new packaging. Newspapers and recycled paper, might become tomorrow's newspapers and your residual waste is converted into energy.

We want future generations to have the same opportunities as we have been given. By sorting and recycling more, we make a difference for the environment and the climate both today and in the future.

Together, we make sure to maximize the benefits of raw materials and energy, at the same time as we are saving on the world's resources.

How to handle different types of waste


Sorting guide in English Pdf, 268.8 kB.

New waste subscriptions

When the new waste system now is introduced, your old waste subscription has expired and is replaced with a new waste subscription. There are three different subscription forms available for those who owns a villa or a holiday house located nearby a passable road.

Subscription alternative Standard and Share Standard

In the Standard subscription two sorting vessels are included. Each vessel contains four compartments for newspapers and recyclable paper and packaging of plastic, metal, colored glass, un-colored glass and paper, as well as food waste and residual waste.

Subscription Standard and Share standard

Subscription alternative Mini and Share Mini

The subscription form Mini includes one sorting vessel for residual waste and food waste only.

Subscription Mini and Share Mini

Subscription form Central Uppsamlingsplats

If your property is not located by a navigable road you most likely have the subscription form Central uppsamlingsplats (CUP).

If you have this subscription you leave your sorted waste at a central collection point, which is equipped with sorting vessels or containers where you leave your food waste, residual waste, packaging, newspapers and recyclable paper.

Subscription form Central Uppsamlingsplats

Ett av våra återvinningsfordon inuti. Foto: WBAB


If you have any questions regarding the new waste system, please contact our customer service by phone: +46(0)240 309 90 or email: or by .