New waste system in Ludvika municipality

Mamma och flicka sorterar förpackningar i ett sorteringskärl. Foto: Wizworks Studios

Sort out your food waste and get your packaging materials, magazines and recyclable paper collected by your property.

During 2019 all households, public institutions and companies in Ludvika municipality shall begin to sort out their food waste. We
will also offer those who own a villa or a vacation house the possibility to start separating out their packaging material, newspapers and recyclable paper and get it collected directly by their property.

Starting in 2019

We are introducing the new waste system during August and September 2019. Up until then there are no changes in the waste collection rutines. Before the introduction of the new system you will get more detailed information regarding how to use your new sorting bins, emptying days and much more.

New subscription

Your current subscription will be terminated. If you have not received a green letter, with the oportunity to choose a new subscription alternative it is most likely beacuse your household is leaving your waste in a bin placed in a particular location, so called ”Gemensamt hämtställe”. The bins are commonly used by several households. The reason for such a solution might be that the vehicle collecting the garbage can not drive to your property.

During the winter 2019, we have inspected the areas where the households today have a subscription called "Gemensamt hämtställe" to see how we will arrange the new waste collection routines in those areas. Some of these sites will remain as today, while others will disappear.

If you didn't receive a green letter from us during February, your current subscription "Gemensamt hämtställe" will most likely remain as it is today.

Our subscription alternatives

There are three different subscription alternatives for those who owns a villa or a holiday house located by a navigable road:

Alternative 1 – Standard

Alternative 2 – Mini

Alternative 3 – Share one of the options above with a neighbour

Please note that if you have a villa or a vacation home you will get Alternative 1 – Standard automatically. You only need to make an active choice if you want any of the other alternatives that we are offering below

Alternative 1 – Standard

This alternative means that you will get two sorting bins that are equipped with multiple compartments. In order to accommodate more sorted waste, the sorting bins are slightly larger than usual waste bins. Each sorting bin holds 370 liters. Included in this alternative i also a box for smaller electronic waste, batteries and lightbulbs.

Sorteringskärl 1 med fyra fack för plastförpackningar, pappersförpackningar, metallförpackningar och ofärgade glasförpackningar. Foto: Wizworks Studios

Sorting bin 1

Sorting bin 1 contains different compartments for plastic packaging, paper packages, metal packages and uncoloured glass packaging.

Sorting bin 1 will be emptied once a month.



Sorteringskärl 2 med fyra fack för restavfall, matavfall, tidningar och returpapper samt färgade glasförpackningar. Foto: Wizworks Studios 

Sorting bin 2

Sorting bin 2 contains four different compartments for food
waste, residual waste (ie non-packaging waste or newspapers /recycled paper), colored glass packaging, newspapers and recycled paper.


Sorting bin 2 will be emptied every two weeks.



All-year residents

Price for all-year residents is 2758 kronor/year (basic fee
1049 kronor + collection and processing fee 1709 kronor).


Part-year residents

Price for part-year residents with a holiday house is 1588 kronor/season (basic fee 734 kronor + collection and treatment fee 854 kronor).


Alternative 2 – Mini

Sorteringskärl för abonnemang Mini med två fack för matavfall och restavfall. Foto: Wizworks Studios 

Alternative 2 – Mini, this alternative means that you get a sorting
bin equipped with two compartments, one for food waste and the other for residual
waste (ie non-packable waste or newspaper/recycled waste). It will be emptied every two weeks.

If you choose this alternative, it means that you need to continue
with sorting out your packages as well as newspapers and recycled
paper and transport them to a recycling station by yourself.


All-year residents

Price for all-year residents is 3107 kronor/year (basic fee
1049 kronor + collection and processing fee 2058 kronor).

Part-year residents

Price for part-year residents with a holiday house is 1763 kronor / season (basic fee 734 kronor + collection and handling fee 1029 kronor).

Alternative 3 – Share sorting bin(s)

You and a neighbour can share two sorting bins, stated in alternative
1 – Standard. You and your neighbour can also share one sorting bin, the one mentioned in alternative 2 – Mini. You and your neighbour will get two separate invoices. The sorting bins can be shared between all-year residents and part-year residents.

If you choose to share your sorting bin(s) with a neighbour,
you and your neighbour need to fill out an application form. Remember to specify your location, which neighbor you want to share bin(s) with and which of the alternatives you would like to have. We will then get back to you after investigating whether this alternative is possible for you or not. If you live abroad, and is interested in this alternative, please contact us by e-mail or phone.


All-year residents

Share alternative 1 – Standard: Price for all-year accommodation is
2245 kronor/year (basic fee 1049 kronor + collection and processing
fee 1196 kronor).

Share alternative 2 – Mini: Price for all-year accommodation is 2490 kronor/year (basic fee 1049 kronor + collection and processing
fee 1441 kronor).


Part-year residents

Share alternative 1 – Standard: Price for part-year residents is 1332 kronor/year (basic fee 734 kronor + collection and handling fee 598

Share alternative 2 - Mini: Price for part-year residents with a holiday house is 1454 kronor/year (basic fee 734 kronor + collection and handling fee 720 kronor).

Start sorting out your food waste and packaging and make a valuable effort for the environment!

Today about two thirds of the content in a regular waste bin consists of different packaging materials and are sent to combustion, instead
of getting recycled. With the new waste system, the content will decrease when food waste and more packaging materials are sorted out. This means that more packaging goes to recycling and a smaller proportion of waste goes to combustion, which is better both for the environment and for the economy.

Food waste

Food waste is the residual of what is left when you have
cooked food or eaten, for example, peels from fruits and vegetables, leftovers of meat, fish, seafood, bread, pasta and rice. Coffee grounds, coffee filters, tea grounds and tea bags are also sorted as food waste.

Your separated food waste will be transported to a pre-treatment
facility in Borlänge, just like the food waste from all the other
municipalities in Dalarna. The food waste is then converted into digestate and biogas. Biogas is an environmentally friendly fuel that does not contribute to the greenhouse effect. When food waste and other organic waste are converted into biogas, biogas is also produced, a nutritional product used to fertilize fields. In this way, the energy and nutritional content of the waste is optimally utilized.

Packaging, newspapers and recyclable paper

Packaging as well as newspapers and recyclable paper are used as raw material in the manufacturing of new products. When the material is re-used, we save a large amount of raw materials and energy in comparison to if we would use new raw materials.

Residual waste

Examples of residual waste is diapers, pads, toothbrushes, dish
cloths, envelopes and cotton swabs, in other words waste that remains after sorting out food waste, packages, newspapers/waste paper and hazardous waste.

The residual waste will be transformed into energy at a combustion
plant in Avesta.

Did you know that

... a biogas car can drive almost two kilometers on one
kilogram of food waste?

... glass, steel and aluminum can be recycled an infinite
number of times without quality deterioration?

... paper fibers can be recycled five to seven times before
the fibers are worn out?

Frequent questions and answers

Here we have listed some of the most common questions about
the new waste system.

What happens if I do not choose a new subscription alternative?

If you have a villa or a vacation home and don’t choose a new subscription alternative, you will automatically get alternative 1 –
Standard. The alternative gives you as a customer a high level of service, it is also the most economically benificial alternative, as well as the best alternative from an environmental point of view.

Can I change my subscription later?

Yes you can! If you are not sure which alternative to choose, we recommend trying alternative 1 – Standard. If you want to change
your subscription later on, just contact us by e-mail or phone.

Can I continue composting my food waste at home?

Yes you can continue to do that if you have an approved compost
issued by the municipality of Ludvika, the Environment and Building Authority. However, there is no separate subscription alternative for this, you also need to combine composting at home with one of the listed subscriptions alternatives above.

What will happen with the recycling stations?

The packaging and newspaper collection (FTI) responsible for maintaining all recycling stations, currently has no plan to remove their recycling stations. Customers who choose alternative 2 – Mini will need to continue to leave packaging material at a recycling station. Customers who choose alternative 1 – Standard may also need to use the larger sorting bins available at the recycling station from time to time, such as when dealing with large packages or get an extra amount of packing materials on special occasions such as christmas and birthdays etc.

I have a very small amount of waste since I live by myself. Do I still have to have two large sorting bins?

Alternative 1 – Standard is available for you who owns a house or a vacation home. If you have a small amount of waste in your waste bin
today, you are probably good at sorting out packaging materials. Keep in mind that you will also need to put all the packaging and newspapers and recycled paper into the new sorting bins, which
will increase the amount of waste. If you still think that it’s too much with two sorting bins, you also have the opportunity of sharing sorting bin(s) with a neighbour. It can be a practical and cheaper solution for those who do not have so much waste.

We are a big family who have a lot of waste in our waste bin. What do we do if we feel that the space for residual waste in the sorting bin is insufficient for our household?

The amount of residual waste will decrease when you start separating out your food waste. We recommend that you give it a try and see how it works with your new subscription. If you still feel the need for an extra sorting bin for residual waste, let us know, and we will solve it.

Do you want to more information?

Contact us if you have any more questions, you can reach us
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